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Stress a direct impact upon fertility

Stress is a multi faceted aspect of conception. There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that stress does in fact have a direct impact upon fertility - limiting the production of sperm in men, whilst also affecting ovulation within females.

In addition, many experts are also warning couples attempting to conceive about the indirect impact of stress. Work stress for example, may have an effect upon partner relations, which can in turn lead to a reduction in libido which then leads to a reduced frequency of intercourse.

In addition, for couples who are desperately willing themselves to conceive, there is certainly a temptation to become an expert in the menstrual cycle, working out exactly when ovulation is occurring, keeping pregnancy tests stock piled in the bathroom and having sex like it is a military operation. To either one partner, or both, making love may begin to simply feel like a routine, and subsequently resentment and stress may set in.

How could infertility counselling help?

Research has shown that infertility often has a stressful impact on relationships and can affect a couple’s sex life. The condition is isolating and can impact on how a couple communicate with each other and with the people around them. There can be a profound sense of loss and grief which can impact on closeness.

Infertility can also carry with it a sense of denial with sadness and shock borne individually when pregnancy does not materialise. There can also be feelings of fear, guilt and abandonment from the partner who feels the problem lies with them. Women can feel less feminine and men can feel less masculine in the face of infertility.

Infertility can also put stress on your relationship, with studies showing that couples dealing with infertility are more likely to feel unhappy with themselves and their marriages. It is important to express the feelings of sadness, loss and anger and to have good support from people around you who understand your position.

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