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Semen sample can be a daunting experience


Producing a semen sample can be a daunting experience. Reading this information before semen analysis will alleviate your concerns.

Most of the clinics prefer all samples to be produced on site.

Prior to the appointment, men should abstain from sex/ejaculation for at least 48hrs but not longer than 7 days. Very short or lengthy abstinence period may alter the final result.

Container provided by the clinic that is labelled with the name & age should be used to collect the sperms.

Entire ejaculate is collected in the container, specially the first couple of spurts of the ejaculate.

Contact the clinic personnel if the part of the sample is missed.

Sample can be produced at home and delivered within 1 hour. It is advisable to tightly close the container & place it in a sealable plastic bag, keep it at room temperature by carrying it inside a pocket.

When the sample is first produced it is thick and globular. After a short period of time (5mins to 60mins) this coagulum is broken naturally to create a runny fluid, a process which is absolutely normal called liquefaction.

An average ejaculate volume is about less than half a teaspoon or 2.5ml of volume. Every man produces different volumes and volume can differ between different samples from the same man for various reasons.

Producing a sample ‘to order’ can be very distressing. If you cannot produce a sample either at the clinic or at home consult member of fertility clinic team who will be able to advice you.

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