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An Insight Into Our Wide Range of Lab Services

Bio Chemistry Lab

Complex clinical problems usually require a spectrum of laboratory investigations initially to access diagnosis and subsequently to monitor progress and treatment. 

Decision points are based on both clinical observations as well as laboratory tests. Some decisions require complex biochemical tests often requiring administration of inhibitory or stimulatory agents. These are described in protocols along with interpretative advice. Some protocols have absolute values for decision making which are based on assay methods employed by the laboratories.

In Labour

Andrology Lab

Andrology is the medical field that specializes in men’s reproductive health. If you are seeking treatment for male infertility, your physician may refer you to the Diagnostic Andrology Laboratory. 

Male infertility can be a complex issue and our experienced team provides a range of diagnostic testing for men’s reproductive health, including semen analysis and advanced sperm testing.specialists trained in Urology and Gynecology.

Embryologist Adding Sperm to Egg

Embryology laboratory

Our aim is to take sperm and eggs and combine them together to form the best embryos possible for either fresh embryo transfer or to be frozen and stored for future thawing and use. Our scientists are well trained and well equipped with advanced lab facilities individuals who undergo a training that is second to none.

Infertility Counselling 

Counselling work as part of a health care team, providing information and support to families affected. They help to identify families at possible risk of a emotional disorder, gather and analyze family history and inheritance patterns, calculate risks of recurrence, and provide information about testing and related procedures. In particular, counselling can help families to understand the significance of the issue in the context of cultural, personal, and familial situations. 

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