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Infertility and Emotions

Infertility comes with many emotions. Hidden emotions of infertility are a common struggle and many couples often find themselves dealing with and feeling like they have no one to talk to. Should you keep those emotions hidden or should you openly share your struggle? Self-esteem, depression and stress are the three most common emotions and addressing them during this emotional roller coaster is proven to help you work through infertility and the struggle with this disease.

Self-esteem is the first thing each partner should address. Before you are diagnosed with an infertility disease or a problem is addressed, you may feel disappointed in yourself and your body. It is important for each person involved to realize that there are treatable solutions through the help of your doctor. With medical technology improving every day, doctors have several treatments available to help, men or women, start the family of their dreams.

Depression is commonly experienced after failed attempts at pregnancy or failed treatments. Sharing your feelings with your spouse and doctor is encouraged to avoid extreme emotions that can only hurt you or your relationships. One helpful source is support groups. Be sure to look for support groups in your area or in online communities. Many find that sharing your emotions with others who are going through infertility as well is most helpful to realize that they are not alone.

Finally, stress is extremely common for men and women. Not only are they busy dealing with a career, friends and family, they now find themselves stressed with the aspect of family building, and a fear of not having the child(ren) they dreamed of. Although, there has not been a scientific link between stress and infertility many doctors recommend lower stress related activities and encourage healthy lifestyle choices like walking, yoga and eating healthy. Studies have found that couples who reported feeling happy and relaxed compared to a stressful month actually improved their chances of conceiving and having a successful pregnancy.

Make sure you speak with your doctor if you are having trouble starting a family and if you are also experiencing these emotions. Physicians have great experience with couples from all over the country who have dealt with similar situations and are willing to do all they can to help you start a family.

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